From the simplest things to the most complex systems, Designerpilots unravel solutions hatched by principles learned from aviation. Uniquely assembled teams offering exclusive products with a long-lasting effect.


Exploring new business models in unmanned aircraft systems combining decades of experience in aviation.

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We can offer safety management solutions, risk and hazards assessments or basic administrative support.

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Maintain a constant pursuit of knowledge and learning, based on lessons learned from our varied experience in aviation.

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Our creative team has a positive impact and unique perspective that your business will benefit from.

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About us

Founded by aviation professionals that implement principles learnt from aviation to design solutions to problems. By creating cross-diciplinary teams and using the passion we have for aviation, we believe we can make a lasting impact that benefits the client, the customer and the world.

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  • Manned aircrafts
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Work in progress

Please find out about our current projects that are lined up for 2024:

Simulator Development

Aviation / ATC / Training

We are actively involved in working with and striving to increase the simulator experiences for Air Traffic Controllers. We have scheduled a demo in Q1 2024 for a client and will post info about the event afterwards. A member of our team is working on a Master thesis looking on improvements in aviation training, in close collaboration with people in the field.

Drone operators, pilots and Supervisors

Aviation / UAS / SORA

Assisting operators in the UAS segment to set up their safety mangement systems and SORA, as well as other regulated paper works. Continue to provide flexible on-site support for ground and flight operations all over the world.

Digitizing the world

Solutions / Applications / 2024

Deliver smart and efficient digital applications for businesses that can gather data, monitor processes and reduce paper. In close cooperation with clients the aim is to help businesses minimize stress, reduce the amount of tedious tasks and effectivize the operation.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Aviation / UAS / Operations

Continue the success we have had with designing and setting up safety management systems for clients in the unmanned sector. Websites are mobile friendly and can be fully customized to fit your operation`s needs. Collaboration with Opscom Systems. Our other aim will be to continue delivering new business model ideas to the industry that can take advantage of the rapid technological development.

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